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Columbia Climate School
Hogan Hall, 2910 Broadway, Level A
Mail Code: 3277
New York NY 10025

Media Contact

Journalists may call these contacts for information. Other inquiries, please see separate entries below.

Kevin Krajick [email protected]
phone: (212) 854-9729 fax: (212) 854-6309

Kyu-Young Lee [email protected]
phone: (212) 851-0798 fax: (212) 854-6309

Information About Education Programs at the Climate School

The Education section of this web site provides information on academic programs at all levels of study that are associated with the Columbia Climate School.

Employment at the Climate School

The simplest way to find out about jobs at the Columbia Climate School is to visit the University's job opportunities page and search the jobs database. 

Internships at the Climate School

For information about student internships, please contact Cari Shimkus, Senior Program Manager, Office of Academic and Research Programs.

Opportunities to Support the Climate School

Our Support Us section outlines funding opportunities and gives you a way to make a donation through the University. For more information please write to Emily DuFour [email protected].

Office of Communications


Sarah Fecht [email protected]
phone: (212) 854-8050


Phebe Pierson [email protected]
fax: (212) 854-2516

Adrienne M Kenyon [email protected]
fax: (212) 851-9406

Web Site

Arif Noori  [email protected]
phone: (212) 854-5011