The Columbia Climate School's mission is to develop and inspire knowledge-based solutions and educate future leaders for just and prosperous societies on a healthy planet.

News Highlights

Charting the Course for Innovations in Food Systems
September 27, 2023

A multi-session Climate Week event at Columbia included presentations, interactive activities, and panels on the most challenging and hopeful avenues for the future of food.

Study Reveals Long-Distance Levers Behind U.S. Southwest Drought—and a Dry Future
September 26, 2023

The U.S. Southwest has suffered a historic drought over the past two decades. A new study elucidates the drivers, and says conditions will never return to those of the relatively wet 20th century.

Five Columbia Climate Researchers Honored by Leading Scientific Organizations
September 15, 2023

Scientists connected to the Climate School received notable accolades from the American Geophysical Union and the American Meteorological Society.

Climate Week NYC

Running September 17-24, Climate Week NYC convenes the most influential climate leaders to drive the transition, speed up progress, and champion change. The Climate Group has selected Columbia Climate School as its University Partner for this year’s Climate Week NYC. Learn more about our participation and full lineup of events.


Columbia University is a global leader in climate and sustainability education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Education programs at the Columbia Climate School provide the interdisciplinary knowledge base for future climate leaders to work with businesses, communities, governments, and civil society to address the climate crisis.


Columbia Climate School nurtures and supports innovative research in the science, consequences, and human dimensions of climate change, including the methods of achieving a more sustainable and just world.

Research Centers and Programs

The Columbia Climate School encompasses the Earth Institute, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, and more than 20 other centers and programs, supporting a continuum of research, from basic discovery to societal solutions.

Office of Research

Our Office of Research nurtures our community of established and future environmental leaders through proposal development, programmatic engagement, and compliance support.


The Columbia Climate School translates its academic work into evidence-based analysis and advice to inform decision- and policy-makers in communities, governments, industries, and nonprofits in the US and globally.

How Do We Dismantle Offshore Oil Structures Without Making the Public Pay?
September 6, 2023

If offshore oil installations are rapidly dismantled as a result of the transition to clean energy, the public, not companies, could end up paying. How to avoid this?

New Report Highlights the Complex Intersection of Antitrust Law and Sustainability Goals
August 7, 2023

The purpose of this new report is to provoke and support engagement among policymakers, private firms, and the wider public about the ways that competition policy can support sustainable development.

Model Environmental Justice Bills, Aimed at State Legislators, Are Released
August 1, 2023

A new framework for legislators and advocates aims to promote environmental justice with exemplary tools to accelerate proposed policy changes.

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