The Columbia Climate School's mission is to develop and inspire knowledge-based solutions and educate future leaders for just and prosperous societies on a healthy planet.



The Climate School has identified four transdisciplinary initiatives to address the most pressing aspects of climate change and develop actionable, evidence-based and realistic pathways to impact.

These transdisciplinary initiatives stand on the shoulders of decades of excellence in climate research. The Climate School incorporates the entire Earth Institute, which includes the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory along with more than 20 other centers.

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Coastal Resilience

Predicting and adapting to sea-level change

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Methods and policies for reducing emissions and removing atmospheric carbon

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Disaster Resilience

Forging disaster prediction, prevention, preparedness, response, and resilience

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Food for Humanity

Analyzing and promoting sustainable food systems

The Climate School builds upon the cutting-edge work of the many schools, institutes, and centers across the University.


Our goal is to ensure the latest research in climate and sustainable development has a real world and real time impact in an equitable way on all lives, especially those that are affected most by the climate crisis.

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