The need for climate solutions is more urgent and undeniable than ever. We can already see some of climate change’s worst effects—rising seas, more powerful storms, severe droughts, and deadly wildfires. 

The Columbia Climate School helps change our current trajectory. Our faculty, researchers, and students are developing new knowledge, technologies, and policies that will build a more resilient world for ourselves and future generations. Your support helps make this work possible.

As a new School at Columbia, we are tackling the grand challenges that will make for a more sustainable planet: decarbonization, food security, coastal resilience, and disaster preparedness. Bringing a climate solution from concept to implementation requires a broad team with diverse expertise—and a shared, ambitious mission. The Climate School has the power to bring together these research teams so they can do their best work.

The Columbia Climate School is the place the world turns to for climate solutions and leadership. Please make a gift to support our mission of a better future for our planet.