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Here’s What We Know About How Climate Change Fuels Hurricanes
October 3, 2022

When Hurricane Ian hit Florida, it was one of the United States’ most powerful hurricanes on record, and it followed a two-week string of massive, devastating storms around the world.

Preparing for Volcanic Eruptions at Okmok Volcano, Alaska
October 3, 2022

Researchers are working at a remote ranch in the Aleutians, commuting by helicopter to the brim of a volcano to perform maintenance on their monitoring equipment.

Come Visit Us at Lamont Open House
October 3, 2022

Our favorite family-friendly event of the year is back in person. Come out to Palisades, NY, on October 8 for some fun, hands-on science education.

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Scientists Say a Shipwreck Off Patagonia Is a Long-Lost 1850s Rhode Island Whaler
August 24, 2022

In 1858, a sailing ship left Warren, R.I., to hunt the globe for whales, and never returned. Where did it end up? Researchers from the southern and northern hemispheres joined to investigate.

Científicos afirman que un naufragio en la costa de Patagonia es un ballenero norteamericano perdido en 1859
August 24, 2022

En 1858, un velero partió de una ciudad costera del noreste de Estados Unidos para cazar ballenas alrededor del mundo y nunca regresó. ¿Dónde terminó? Investigadores de los hemisferios sur y norte se unieron para dar respuesta a este misterio.

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Upcoming Scientific Fieldwork, 2022 and Beyond
May 11, 2022

Thumbnail descriptions of field projects on land, at sea and in the air, on every continent and every ocean.

New Film Explores Combining Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science to Understand Waning Arctic Sea Ice
January 21, 2022

A launch event will include clips from the film; discussion by Iñupiaq elders, scientists and the filmmaker; and audience Q&A.

American Geophysical Union 2021: Key Events From the Columbia Climate School
December 7, 2021

A guide to some of the most provocative talks at the world’s largest gathering of earth and space scientists.

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