K12 Student and Educator Events

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Climate LIVE

Climate LIVE will feature experts from across the Columbia Climate School presenting relevant climate and sustainability content in 45-minute live sessions for K12 students and educators. Through these videos, we hope to bring our interdisciplinary research across our centers to classrooms. Each session will have an appropriate targeted age range based on the topic, and the sessions will vary between topical lectures, demos, and skills-based training. In addition to the videos, and whenever possible, we will offer additional educational resources related to the content covered in these online sessions.

View past session recordings.

Educator Training

The Columbia Climate School’s educator training events are designed to provide K-12 educators with cutting-edge tools and content to address climate change, the environment, and sustainability in their classrooms through our world-renowned scientists. We hope to engage students through science learning and teaching that goes beyond textbooks and worksheets.

All K-12 educators (both pre- and in-service), administrators, and district leaders working in formal and informal learning environments, regardless of subject area expertise, are encouraged to attend. There are no prerequisites for these events. All events will be offered virtually and participants will need access to a computer in order to join our live-streamed events.

For our educator training events, participants will receive:

  1. Access to our live events as well as sessions recordings and presentation slides from speakers
  2. A certificate of participation from the Columbia Climate School
  3. Resources and additional reading materials

View past session recordings:

July 2020 – Climate Change in the Classroom

December 2020 – The Science of COVID-19