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Can the US Go From Responding to Fragility to Spreading Resilience?

August 19, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Sustain What? Can the U.S. Go From Responding to Fragility to Spreading Resilience?

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Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Haiti, Somalia… Conflict, climate, corruption…

The list of fragile, failing or failed states is long and ever changing. The mix of factors driving disruption and harm has the same dynamics.

For decades, there’ve been calls for shifting national security and defense priorities, many of which are locked in ”last war” patterns. Facing rapid change, should the goal be stability or resilience, and for whom, and how?

Join top experts and journalist Andy Revkin of the Columbia Climate School in an update and brainstorm.

Guests include: Mathew Barlow, extreme-event expert, U. Mass, Lowell; Michael Glantz, longtime climate-risk expert; Linda Robinson, Rand Corporation security analyst; Rod Schoonover, former National Intelligence officer.

Read: Finding the Right Balance / Department of Defense Roles in Stabilization (Robinson & others):

Explore: Fragile States Index (Fund for Peace):

Global Fragility Act of 2020 (an overview via Alliance for Peacebuilding):

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