AI for Climate and Nature: Landscape Assessment

Columbia University’s Climate School and Engineering School have collaborated in partnership with the University at Albany, State University of New York, and Esri to produce a Landscape Assessment of AI for Climate and Nature. The Landscape Assessment was commissioned by and in collaboration with the Bezos Earth Fund.

About the Report

Transformative system-oriented changes are urgently needed to confront the world’s most intractable challenges such as escalating biodiversity loss and climate change. Artificial intelligence (AI) provides a way to better understand these vital and complex problems and—if applied strategically—to dramatically accelerate the pace of solutions. 

This report examines how AI can help address these urgent challenges by enhancing our understanding and accelerating the implementation of impactful, scalable, and ethical solutions in climate and nature.


Stakeholders and Initiatives Dashboard

As part of the Landscape Assessment, the team identified key stakeholders and major initiatives that are applying AI technologies in the field of climate and nature. This data is publicly available in an interactive dashboard on Esri’s ArcGIS platform.

For more information, contact Pierre Gentine. Learn more about related efforts at the Bezos Earth Fund.