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Communicating Catastrophe at Scale – COVID-19, Climate and More

May 16, 2022
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Sustain What? 

Communicating Catastrophe at Scale – COVID-19, Climate and More


As the pandemic toll ticks off ever more millions, as climate change poses global-scale threats, can journalists and artists do more to move the world from the numbing effect of big numbers to what some behavioral scientists call an “arithmetic of compassion”?

Join Andy Revkin of the Columbia Climate School Initiative on Communication & Sustainability with guests including Axios visual journalists Jared Whalen and Jacque Schrag, Suzanne Firstenberg, the artist behind “In America,” the massive white-flag memorial in Washington, and physician/journalist James Hamblin.

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The Axios visual report on one million deaths, by Tina Reed, Jacque Schrag, Jared Whalen and Kavya Beheraj

The website for the "In America" installation of Suzanne Firstenberg, which blanketed the National Mall with over 660,000 white flags:

A column by James Hamblin on pandemic fatigue:

The Arithmetic of Compassion website from Decision Research:

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