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Corporate Alignment to the Paris Agreement: From Ambition to Action

October 25, 2021
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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In the lead up to this year’s COP 26, companies, investors, and financial institutions around the world are engaged in discussion on how to assess corporate alignment with the Paris Agreement. While many companies are making rhetorical commitments to carbon neutrality by 2050, the superficiality and inconsistency of many reporting frameworks and metrics has made it difficult for governments, investors, and other stakeholders to distinguish among and assess company commitments and disclosures. Correspondingly, it is difficult for investors to assess or disclose portfolio or product alignment with the Paris Agreement.

The Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI) and the Columbia Climate School, with support from Iberdrola, will host a virtual, global conference focused on corporate alignment with the Paris Agreement, including discussions on:

  • Net-Zero Pledges: how prevalent, and how realistic
  • Challenges and risks of diverse carbon accounting methods
  • Internal metrics to shift corporate strategy toward decarbonization
  • Climate finance: opportunities and hurdles

Conference Program:

8:00am - 9:00am: Net-Zero Pledges


Jeffrey Sachs, Professor and Director of the Center for Sustainable Development, Columbia University

Ignacio Galán, Chairman and CEO, Iberdrola

Moderator: Perrine Toledano, Head: Mining & Energy, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment

Meeting the Paris Agreement targets requires achieving carbon neutrality no later than 2050; this will require the rapid transformation of nearly every sector, including most notably that of energy and utility companies. In this session, Jeffrey Sachs will describe the transformation that is needed to achieve the Paris Agreement commitments. Ignacio Galán will describe the steps Iberdrola has taken to embed Paris alignment in Iberdrola’s corporate purpose. CCSI’s Perrine Toledano will provide a general overview of corporate pledges, and how these pledges fall along a spectrum from declarations to meaningful plans to embedded purpose.

For the full conference program, please visit our website here.

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