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Difficult Conversations: Going the Distance with Climate Disbelief

February 15, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Online Event

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There are many kinds of difficult conversations - on everything from race to the Middle East to immigration to global warming. That's why innovative approaches to building constructive, two-way engagement are vital. In this special "Difficult Conversation" episode of Andy Revkin's Earth Institute webcast, we meet a prize-winning journalist who turned a longstanding video project engaging on audience questions to the fraught climate change question.

Our guest is David Schechter, a reporter at the ABC affiliate WFAA in Dallas, Texas, who takes viewers on “Verify Road Trips” -- aimed at helping them answer questions they're grappling with. In 2019, via Facebook, he zoomed in on Justin Fain, a 38-year-old roofer who rejected human-caused global warming.

Schechter ended up taking Fain across Texas and to thawing Alaska to meet experts of all kinds and do his own learning. Watch a short cut here:

Schechter and his videographer, Chance Horner, just won a coveted Alfred duPont-Columbia University Award for this creative approach to a subject that too often is cast as us and them, believers and deniers. Learn more about this winner and the others here:

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