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Generation M.A.D. Meets Greenbiz Sustainable Finance Sleuth Grant...

January 21, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Sustain What?

Generation M.A.D. Meets Greenbiz Sustainable Finance Sleuth Grant Harrison


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In this “Friendly Takeover” of the Columbia Climate Schoo’s Sustain What webcast, Generation M.A.D digs in on that arena called sustainable finance with Grant Harrison, an expert in ways to sift reality from greenwash.

In the 20th century, M.A.D. stood for Mutually Assured Destruction, in the context of cold war nuclear arsenals. Lately, the acronym has felt increasingly applicable to the climate crisis. We are a group of young scholars and doers determined to shift M.A.D.'s meaning to Making a Difference.

Grant is the green finance & ESG Analyst at GreenBiz Group, a company that is accelerating the transition to a green economy. We will talk with him about both the benefits and concerns of green investment and the private sector role in a sustainable future.

From working in reforestation in Northern California to receiving a masters in environmental governance from Oxford University, Grant has dedicated his life to creating a better, greener future. Learn more:

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