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Probing Lessons from the Deadly Texas Freeze and Power Crisis

February 19, 2021
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Sustain What: Probing Lessons from the Deadly Texas Freeze and Power Crisis

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Sustain What special briefing: Experts and journalists explore lessons and solutions as a predictable, but rare, extreme cold wave overwhelms Texas’s energy systems.

Texas is reeling (along with Oklahoma and other nearby states) after a week of record-shattering extreme cold knocked out power in rolling waves affecting millions of people. While it is clear that a host of power-system failures at all kinds of energy facilities contributed to the breakdowns, false narratives immediately exploded onto Fox News and beyond, blaming the catastrophic event on Texas's (Republican-led) expansion of wind power.

Join host Andrew Revkin of the Earth Institute in a deep dive for answers and next steps with a stellar panel of experts and journalists: Emily Grubert, Georgia Tech Frederick Law Olmsted Early-Career Professor of environmental engineering; Melissa C. Lott, Senior Research Scholar and Lead, Power Sector and Renewables Research Initiative of the Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy; Sonal Patel of Power Magazine; Ryan Rusak, opinion editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Sustain What is a series of conversations hosted and produced by Andrew Revkin, that explore paths to progress where complexity and consequence collide.

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