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Sustain What? Explore Offline Tactics for Thriving Online

December 14, 2020
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

A screen-survival chat with a tweeting botanist, a doodling science writer, a fish-focused author and a journalist devoted to leaving no child inside

Thriving Online is a weekly series of conversations building and spreading
communication skills and tools that can help make information and online connectivity matter. They are produced and moderated by Andrew Revkin, founding director of Columbia University's Earth Institute Initiative on Communication and Sustainability.

This week explore ways to enhance online digital communication impact and creativity through offline activities and hybrid approaches to experience. Our guests are Paul Greenberg, author, most recently, of "Goodbye Phone, Hello World"; Richard Louv, a writer best known for books on immersing children in nature; Angelica Patterson, a Columbia University botanist and educator focused on forest impacts of climate change; Karen Romano Young, an author, illustrator, explorer and self-described Doodlebug.

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