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"A Word for Nature": Environmental Education and Mindfulness in a...

February 9, 2022
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

"A Word for Nature": Environmental Education and Mindfulness in a Literature Course


Hosted by: Center for Sustainable Futures, Teachers College, Columbia University

Speaker: Netta Bar Yosef Paz

The presentation will share an interdisciplinary experiential environmental and contemplative course at Kibbutzim College of Education and a research conducted on this course.

Entitled “Nature and Me: Literature and Mindfulness in the Dessert”, the course is exceptionally co-taught by an Ecologist and a literary scholar, part of students’ teacher-training-program. The course includes two-day base camping and hiking in the Negev Desert and on-campus meetings in the Kibbutzim Center for Contemplative Pedagogy. Combining Field-Ecology, Literature and Mindfulness, the course suggests a unique experience of slowing down, creative familiarity with Literature, contemplation and dialogical culture – with oneself, with others, and with Nature. Additionally, I will share an on-going research we are conducting, aimed at exploring the effect of this unique course on the students’ perception of outdoor contemplative learning experience of literary texts within Natural Environment.

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